Control Valves

Our patented trim technology acts as a variable orifice, centering abrasive flow within the valve. This protects the pressure containing valve body, and the integrity of your downstream piping from erosion.

Each SlurryFlo control valve is custom engineered for your specific application requirements. These valves will outlast anything you've ever used.
SlurryFlo Control Valve
Oreacle Isolation Valves

Isolation valves

Oreacle knife gate valves are engineered with unibody fabrication, high-performance materials, and unique seat designs (patent pending).

Combined with a full-port geometry and integral seat protection, these robust valves provide excellent durability and long service life in abrasive slurry applications.


Grey49 products are manufactured in-house, allowing us to have total design control. Our engineers optimize valve design, materials, features, and performance to meet your special requirements and specifications.

Our Grey49 valves aren’t black and white; they’re born from the infinite grey.
RocketPlates - Custom Restriction Orifice Plates


RocketPlates are custom engineered restriction orifice plates, featuring super hard materials for extreme resistance to erosion.

When installed with control valves in high ΔP applications, RocketPlates share the pressure drop, provide back pressure, and minimize noise/cavitation.

RocketPlates are also designed for standalone service, providing fixed pressure reduction and flow restriction.


The ArmaSpool is designed for installation directly downstream of common slurry control valves.

The specialized orifice geometry is custom engineered to center the abrasive flow exiting your valve, protecting the pipe wall from damage and failure.
ArmaSpool - Custom Engineered Pipe Spool

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